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Todd & The Book Of Pure Evil  (2012)

26 x 30 minute television series

Teen metal head Todd Smith has his share of problems. His band Barbarian Apocalypse sucks. He’s flunking math. And the girl he desperately wants to bang doesn’t even know he exists. So when The Book of Pure Evil suddenly surfaces and offers a quick solution, Todd doesn’t think twice. He decides to use it for his own gain. But by doing so, he inadvertently unleashes the powers of darkness throughout Crowley High. 


The Book of Pure Evil feeds on the needy, the desperate, the lost, and the vain. It permeates the student body, wreaking havoc from episode to episode. Anyone who possesses The Book is unable to resist the temptation to use its power for their own teen angst fueled desires – be it the fat kid who wants to be thin, the dumb kid who wants to be smart, or the Goth girl who wishes her loser parents were more like her dead rock star heroes. 


Crowley High is soon besieged by monsters made of human fat, flesh-eating rock zombies and other terrifying spawn of the Book. Fortunately, there’s Todd and his friends.  They’re the only ones standing between the world and total destruction. 

Co-Produced with
Corvid Pictures & Frantic Films.

For international sales, contact:

eOne Television International

Todd & The Book of Pure Evil - the trailer of pure evil
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Todd113 - Todd (Alex House) sits stoical
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